“Chad is a culinary master who has been an integral part of the healthy eating program at Whole Foods Market. His recipes are simple and totally delicious.”

John Mackey

Founder and Co-CEO, Whole Foods Market

“Not only does Chad Sarno have a special knack for transforming simple good foods into both the extraordinary and the beautiful, he transforms people’s lives at the same time, providing inspiration and pleasurable proof that cooking and eating well with natural foods is the only way to go.”

Margaret M. Wittenberg

Author of New Good Food: Essential Ingredients for Cooking and Eating Well and New Good Food Shopper’s Pocket Guide to Organic, Sustainable, and Seasonal Whole Foods

“Chad Sarno is without question the greatest plant-based chef alive. He is the Michael Jordan of vegan foods… the best at what he does. And I’ve been fortunate enough to experience his delicious creations.”

Woody Harrelson

Kick ass actor, activist, and plant pusher

“Chad, you truly are a Master, Master Chef; totally amazing food. Many, many thanks for your meals, the very best to you always.”

Lauren Bacall

Incredible actress and film legend

“When I decided to put my money where my loud mouth was by creating a cookbook, I knew I’d need help—especially with the fancier fare. I wanted to wow you with a treasure trove of recipes for every occasion and for every skill level. Enter my partner in the revolution, Chef Chad Sarno. Chad is a conscious creator, a teacher, and plant-based leader. In fact, I consider myself to be one of his students….”

Kris Carr

NY Times best selling author, wellness warrior, and rock star! (www.crazysexywellnes.com)

“I consider Chad Sarno a close friend, not just a colleague. He is a rock star nutritarian chef with delicious and practical advice, and also very knowledgeable and entertaining at all his demos as well.”

Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

NY Times best selling author, and powerhouse of knowledge (www.drfuhrman.com)

“I recognized Chad’s natural, raw talent and passion for sharing the living food lifestyle. It’s not surprising to me that he has gone on to become one of the world’s premier raw food chefs. As staff chef of Living light, Chad always understood and implemented the Living Light credo, ‘The most important ingredient in any recipe is Love’ and he adds it in bountiful measure.”

Cherie Soria

Director /Author, Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, (www.rawfoodchef.com)

“Chad Sarno is a gifted chef in the art of preparing healthful, nutritious recipes that are absolutely delicious and easy to prepare.  His unique experience as a vegan restaurant owner and work with Whole Foods Market have helped him create recipes that please the palate and nourish the body using nutrient rich whole foods.  Chad is a dynamic presenter utilizing cooking demonstrations and a warm, humorous style to motivate and inspire audiences around the country to return to the firm foundations of plant based foods and a healthy lifestyle.”

Scott Stoll, M.D.

Author, lead physician for the US men’s and women’s Olympic bobsled team and just incredible human, (www.drscottstoll.com)

“My respect for you began on the island of Jamaica (culinary showcase for 250 guests for 8 days) when all of the peacocks realized that this was not all show but it required work.  Each one of them retracted their feathers and you single-handedly focused committed and follow through to make the gathering a success.  As you know I will continue to direct people to you when I believe that the quality of your work will be appreciated by those parties.”

Brian Clement

Director/Author of Hippocrates Health Institute and Spa, (www.hippocrateshealthinst.com)

“Chad Sarno is arguably the best live food chef in the country. I have eaten the food of almost every major chef in this field and I feel that Chad has a wonderful balance in the merging of his incredible Italian flair with flavoring his live food preparations, which makes his food outstanding. I very much appreciate his preparation work.  He’s done an excellent job in his work at the Tree of Life.”

Gabriel Cousens MD(H)

Director /Author, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, AZ (www.treeoflife.nu)

“Chad is one of the best chefs in the plant-based world, his work has had great impact on chefs, and the invaluable connection between cuisine and health.”

Tal Ronnen

Chef & Best Selling Author