Need help designing your next menu for that special event, or client of yours?

Do you want to take your passion for plant cuisine and kitchen skills to the next level?

Are you looking to showcase a food demo that will wow your audience at your next large conference?

Doing a photo shoot and need to jazz up those photos to showcase for a publication?

Let me support you in answering these questions on the following pages. Offering an array of services from personalizing your menus, food styling to culinary education. Showcasing plants is my mission, and through the channels of tasting, designing and teaching my passion is to do so in the highest standard.

Please browse my services, and if there is anything I missed, give me a shout and I would be happy to support any way I can.

Menu Design & Food Coaching

Personalized menus and support – For individuals and coaches.

Need help with a plant-based dinner party, holiday gathering, themed event or a customized menu developed for your most important clients? Let me design a menu that will not only make you proud, it will garnish rave reviews from family, friends and colleagues.

We’ll work together to create meals based on seasonal foods, your skill level in the kitchen, dietary needs (gluten-free, raw, plant-based etc) and your personal taste.

This service is available for just one meal, one full day of menus, or for a weekly menu plan.

Session includes: Two food and menu coaching skype calls followed by a personalized plan and creative ideas to execute a deliciously stellar gathering / or set of meals,  a basic shopping list, a getting started digital toolkit, cooking time guides and other supportive items to make your menu a huge success. Contact me for more information.

Hey Health Coaches! Want to be an affiliate and offer this service to your clients? Need that culinary component that will push your personalized program over top? Contact me for more information.

Food Service

Whether you’re operating a small café or a 5-star resort and spa, we can work with you to develop a menu that will incorporate the creativity and health awareness that you need to attract a wider audience. We can create a menu from the ground up, deciding on particular themes or special diets you would like to cater to. Additionally, we can work with you to incorporate new dishes into your existing menu.

Culinary Education

Speaking and teaching engagements; Seminars, Workshops, and Food Demonstrations

Available for lectures, specialized hands-on group training, culinary team builds, and custom demonstrations highlighting a variety of plant-based diets and education workshops on how to make healthy eating/cooking at home affordable and easy.

Personal Training

Available for both personal and group training, We stock your shelves and introduce you to all the techniques necessary to prepare health-conscious meals in the privacy of your home. Choose your course, from raw and living foods, special diets, to comfort vegan, we will tailor a training to your needs. Fit for both beginners and seasoned culinary enthusiasts!

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Food Styling

We eat with our eyes first! Plants are sexy, and should always be highlighted and celebrated, especially when photographed! Need some help with your next photo shoot? Showcase your dishes by enhancing plate composition to translate the aromas and taste of each dish into a stunning visual presentation.

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Kitchen Design

Working on a new food service concept? Let me support you by helping bring your vision to life. Lets create a show stopping, personalized menu and a functional, efficiently designed kitchen.  I will assist you in selecting the right equipment, while remaining impartial to suppliers, and create a layout that will facilitate a seamless workflow and maximize the productivity of your staff, and execution of your menus.

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